Migration IV 100x200

All intuitive drawings made with markers - scanned - than rendering in 3D in photoshop - She makes her drawings in one fluent motion. Intuitively created sensuous linedrawings, surrealistic, chaotic and brimful of energy. Her organic, sci-fi and sensual 'doodles' are very recognisable and relate to street art, pop art and flat art. A sort of “écriture automatique” – the hand takes on a life of its own. "Even if I try to draw something different, it always comes out this way." A new surreal world arises full of imaginary creatures. She is a member of the KrakK artists’ collective in West Flanders, which aims to create opportunities. “There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen. Part of an installation - Digital print - Time as part of one’s origins -Time brings migration I want to create a utopia - Every culture has its own vision on utopia, which is both enriching and changing our perception and understanding of the world we live in. The drawings are an abstract form of my biography and ofmy personality. A snapshot of graves in a distant past, where borders fade…

Contemporary belgian artist - digital - limited edition - fine art prints
Fine art prints in limited edition (8). Feel free to contact me when interested.

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